Struggling to use your eye drops?

For some, eye drops are part of the daily routine, whilst for others they can be a little tricky! 

If you are finding eye drops to be more difficult than expected, try some of the below tips:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before use and avoid touching the dropper tip to prevent bacteria from your hands contaminating the bottle 
  • Try tilting your head back slightly and focusing on a specific point on the ceiling, this distracts you from the eye drops themselves
  • Eye drops spilling everywhere? Try using your other hand to pull your lower eyelid down, away from your eye and place the dropped directly over the pocket. This helps form a sort of pocket to catch the drops
  • Still feeling anxious? Try lying on a flat service and close your eyes, without touching the bottle to your eyelid place an eye drop in the corner of your eye near your nose. While still lying back open your eyes and blink several times until the drop rolls into your eye.
  • If none of the above tricks work ask your doctor or one of our friendly team about eye drop assistance devices, these can help aim and squeeze the bottle while keeping your eye open

If your eye drops have been prescribed by a doctor, follow their instructions carefully and take note of anything listed on the prescription label or advised by your pharmacist.